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    Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes →

    When I got home from work last night my wife told me that the kids wanted banana pancakes with chocolate chips for dinner.  It wasn’t an altogehter unusual request.  Pancake Wednesday is a weekly holiday in our home.  I grabbed the ingredients from the pantry then headed for the fridge where I discovered that we didn’t have any eggs.  Crap.

    A few years ago i would’ve panicked in such a situation.  I probably would’ve packed the kids into the minivan and headed for the diner up the street.  I am proud to say that two years of Pancake Wednesday’s have made me into the kitchen bound lovechild of MacGyver and Guy Fieri.  I’ve made pancakes without flour for christsakes.  No eggs?  No sweat.

    I took to the Google machine (iPad) and searched for egg substitutes.  Google returned a slew of pages but the most useful was this one.

    I substituted a 1/4 cup of apple sauce for the egg and the pancakes didn’t skip a beat.  I topped off our banana and chocolate chip filled creations with a “syrup” made of Hershey’s chocolate sauce and peanut butter.  45 seconds in the microwave melted the PB.  The result sauce was like cake icing and it was delicious.   Disaster averted.  Score one for dad.

    — 2 years ago
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